our Special Pinbars

Special Hardened & Plated

HALLMARK introduces you to Hardened and Plated Pinbars, developed specially keeping in mind your needs. The Pins are made of Hardened Stainless Steel with a Plated surface.

Our customers who have used it swear by it’s advantages. Every Capsule manufacturer should try it once.


1. High Hardness leads to Scratch-Free Pin surface.

Plated Pinbars have a surface hardness of +65 HRc, which makes them almost entirely scratch-resistant for years. Traditional Pinbars develop micro-scratches over time due to the movement of strippers, which leaves haziness on each capsule produced. Plated Pinbars completely eliminates this risk.

2. Ideal for Clear and Transparent Capsules

Clear and transparent capsules are particularly prone to reflect the micro-scratches formed on the Pin surface and the haziness is clearly seen on CT capsules. With these special Pinbars, this problem is completely taken care of. We assure you that your CT capsules will meet the highest standards in terms of clarity and transparency.

3. Significantly low coefficient of friction of the Plating surface

Lower quantities of lubricant results in efficient Capsule Stripping and significantly reduced capsule rejections, thereby eliminating problems such as oil bubbles, length variation, double capsule, and star ends.

Our customers have experienced much easier Stripping of capsules. This feature is especially useful when making Veg / HPMC & Capsules for DPI ( Dry Powder Inhalation).

4. Reduced Risk of Damage:

The Plated Pinbars also address a serious potential risk. Any mistake in machine setting or difference in Stripper quality has the potential of damaging the entire set of pinbars within 30-45 minutes. With a surface hardness of +65HRC, Hardened & Plated Pinbars minimizes this risk to a great extent.

Hardened & Plated Pinbars offers the much needed convenience and also reduces Capsule rejections to near zero.

It is a Perfect solution, awaiting trials at your end.

Reliability Of The Plating Quality:

The Plating is 2 to 4 microns in thickness and almost fuses with the base substrate material.

Nevertheless, Plating Adhesion quality is ensured through strict adherence to ASTM-B-571 Standard.

Accelerated Stripping Test for testing the Adhesion quality:

This equipment simulates the actual condition of usage, where the pins oscillate inside a regular stripper. During the test, the load applied is more severe than the actual application load, and the frequency of oscillation is set at 60 strokes per minute. The test runs for a duration of 72 hours, which is equivalent to the continuous running of Pin Bars on capsule-making machines for over 20 years.

To determine the quality of adhesion, the Pin surface is then examined for:

  • Dimensional change, if any
  • Wear / Scratch marks on surface

We are proud to report that we have had zero incidences of issues related to Plating, either during Testing or from our customers.