We make Precision Molds for various applications.

Hallmark touches your lives daily.

The car you are driving is using Ball Bearings made from Hallmark Molds

The Ballpen you are using may be made from Hallmark Toolings

Or You may be taking your daily dose of vitamin in a Capsule made from Hallmark Pinbars

Whether you're behind the wheel, writing a note, or maintaining your health, our products are working hard to make your life easier and more convenient.

Capsule Pinbars

Hallmark makes High Precision Pinbars / Capsule Molds for Pharmaceutical companies making empty Hard Gelatin / HPMC & Veg capsules.

Tungsten Carbide toolings for Bearing Industry

Hallmark is India’s largest Manufacturer and Exporter of High Precision tools for Cold Forging of Steel Balls, Caging Rivets and Rollers for the Bearing Industry. It has been the most consisitent supplier to reputed Brands like SKF, FAG, AKS (NTN), Timken, Tsubaki Group and more, since decades.

Micro Tools for Ballpen Nibs

Hallmark also specializes in manufacture of Super precision carbide tools for Ball pen nib / tip manufacturing companies like Reynolds, Todays Pens, CRI, IWI, BIC, etc.

Surgicals Parts

We manufacture Surgicals parts like Arthroscopic shavers, Corer Blades, Bone Saw blades, thin finely ground Carbide tips / Grippers for Needle Holders, and other such parts that meets the most stringent International standards.


This is our recent Product range developed after four decades of precision manufacturing experience.
The first of the series is the Synchronized CNC High Speed Motion Controller for up to 6-Axis.


Since 1987, HALLMARK has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of precision tools, catering to renowned international companies in Japan, Germany, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Taiwan, USA, China, Tunisia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, amongst others.