What the Designer crafts, the Manufacturing Team should be capable of producing.

We take immense pride in our modern manufacturing setup, equipped with the State-of-Art machines and technology that delivers exceptional accuracy.

Our Manufacturing lines are continuously monitored through robust inspection software, installed in-line, enabling seamless communication and efficiency at every stage.

Our Machinery:

For Calibration, we use "Automated LASER Micrometres" which guarantees dimensions in submicron domain (Resolution is 0.00001mm, Accuracy 0.0005mm).

  • CNC Auto Sliding Heads: 5-axis capabilities with fully loaded options, making them suitable for continuous machining, high-class finish and accuracy.
  • Centreless Grinding Machines: These machines offer excellent accuracy and surface finish, enabling us to achieve precise dimensions and meet narrow tolerances.
  • Roll Compaction Machine: Our rigid 30 metric tonne capacity machine operates with semi-automatic cycles, while our in-house manufactured rolls have Ra values better than 0.02, ensuring uniform finish of Pins and the grooves.
  • CNC-based Special Purpose Machines (SPMs): Our SPMs are designed in-house with super precision jigs and fixtures to achieve precise pre-locks and air vent dimensions.
  • SPMs for Pin Polishing: Our engineering team has designed a battery of fully automated SPMs to achieve uniform polish of pins and maintaining accuracies.
  • CNC-based Bar Drilling and Sizing Equipment: We have calibrated jigs to deliver uniform bars with precise dimensions and tolerances.
  • SPMs for Pin Riveting: We utilize special interference fitting techniques and hydraulic force to rivet pins, ensuring perfect squareness, uniform pitch, and sturdy fitment.