Precision is essentially a mix of updated Gauging Technology, strict Calibration, Robust Inspection system using multiple measurement techniques that communicate with each other and a strong Team that believes in Accuracy.

Calibration and Centering:

We believe that investing in cutting-edge technology and measurement techniques is essential to provide our customers with high-quality products that meets their exact specifications.

For Calibration, we use "Automated LASER Micrometres" which guarantees dimensions in submicron domain (Resolution is 0.00001mm, Accuracy 0.0005mm).

This technique is fully automated and does not require human intervention or contact with the job. The software used in this technique scans the entire pin profile and generates submicron-accurate data for all parameters.

These Laser Micrometers almost eliminate instrument and human related errors. With high GR&R it ensures perfect centrality and accuracy of the manufactured parts.

Dimensional parameters including GPD, Groove diameter, Groove profile, Groove length, Pre-lock dent profile, Dent length, Air-vent profile and Length, etc. are generated in one setting.

This inspection system is also capable of calibrating the Masters. Very sensitive contact type probes are during Production.

The complete Calibration setup including Gauge instruments is installed in a temperature controlled environment and a Strict Calibration protocol that ensures almost nil errors related to instruments.

Inspection Methodology:

At HALLMARK, we mainly employ two levels of measurements that complement and validate each other.

The dual level of readings of Automated Laser Micrometre and Automated probe type measurement forms the crux of our Quality assurance.

1. We have installed contact-type probe measurement inspection equipment on all machines. This measurement technique allows for continuous monitoring of individual parameters, ensuring precision in each pin manufactured.
The measurement data thus collected is transferred via Wi-Fi to the main Data Server for SQC data and Analytics generation.
This Analysis gives Statistical Quality Control (SQC) graphs and valuable insights in the form of dimensional histogram, Standard Deviation (σ) process, as well as machine capability (Cp and Cpk values). These metrics enable us to evaluate the performance of our Production processes, identify any potential issues, and implement corrective measures on the spot to ensure optimal production outcomes.

2. Simultaneously, samples from each manufactured lot are measured again using "Automated LASER Micrometres".
This measurement data too is transferred and recorded on the main Data Server.
Real-time representation of each manufactured lot is available for viewing at anytime on our Systems.

We accomplish precision in "SIX SIGMA LIMITS" with defect levels less than 3.4 ppm.

This no-compromise approach is very relevant when producing 20,000 pins per day, in high precision.