Our Pinbars are essentially the result of close and continuous collaboration between

1. Designing

2. Hi-tech Manufacturing

3. Ensuring Accuracy

giving an undeniable edge to our Pinbars in terms of Performance and Quality.

Our team comprises of highly experienced engineers who have been providing top-quality solutions to the ever-evolving demands of our Customers for the last 40 years.

Whether you need a new Pinbar design or modifications on an existing one, our Design Team follows a strict protocol

How does our Design Team Operate:


Before beginning with Designing, we strive to gather as much information as possible, which includes:

  • Customer Drawings,
  • Pinbar Samples,
  • Capsule samples,
  • Specific requirements of the Customer

However, sometimes the starting point may be limited to just a few capsule samples and your inputs.

Design study & Validation:

These inputs are used to study the existing Design with the help of FEM simulation and analysis techniques. The results are contrasted against Design database we have collected after supplying more than 100 sets.

The final Pinbar Design thus generated will result in a Capsule that exceeds your expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Customizing Pinbars:

When it comes to customizing Pinbars, our Design team focuses on the crucial criteria that are essential for ensuring Optimal performance and Cost savings:

  • 1. Type of Capsules: Our customers let us know the final output, whether it would be Gelatin or Veg (HPMC, Pullulan, etc) capsules. We design the fitment parameters accordingly.
    This customized approach ensures that you Capsules with perfect fitment while saving valuable raw material.
  • 2. Capsule Wall Thickness: While designing, we take into account your desired capsule wall thickness. Considering this aspect when designing ensures a ‘tailor made’ fit.
  • 3. Pre-Lock Force: Our Design team determines the optimum pre-lock force that would prevent loose or non-separation issues on automatic capsule sorting and filling machines. And then designs the Pinbars to achieve this. So, you have a much reduced Capsule rejections and lower machine downtime.

4. Final Locking Force and Air Vent Functionality: Design team takes into account the fine play between the final locking force and air vent functionality of the Pinbars to prevent popping-off of capsules. This is a critical consideration to ensure the safety and integrity of your capsules during transportation, after filling and thereafter.

By focusing on these essential criteria, our design team ensures that your Pinbars are customized to deliver the highest levels of performance, quality, and cost savings for you and your customers.

Pinbars when designed correctly & precisely results in an uninterrupted Production and Mental peace for the Capsule manufacturer.

We firmly believe that Designing is fundamental in creating a flawless capsule.